Cover of Book 1 of The Forever Quest

I've been away for a while. I hope to start posting at least one new piece of art per week. Here is the first. Executed in Illustrator.


The Forever Quest, Book 1 is Done!

To update you all. I finished book one of The Forever Quest trilogy! I shipped it off to an agent on Monday, Aug. 4th. We'll see what happens.

I will start doing the art for book 2 soon.

Watch this space to keep up on the news.


The Forever Quest on Hiatus

I am putting The Forever Quest on hold for a while. The Lord is moving me in to a new direction. I will post from time to time to keep everyone updated on the fate of Adam Austin, Sir Theodore and the rest.

I can't say much at this time, but rest assured the story is not dead. At least, not yet. Time will tell what the next phase of development is.